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Patient notes software

Create a Customer-Centric Culture with Patient Notes Software

Organization and transparency are drivers of a patient-centric culture at your practice. What better way to get all of your patient notes and cases in order than to see everything in one single place? With Kenzen.io, the best patient management software, every patient treatment note written is saved and recorded into a secure place. Gone are the days of using paper, spreadsheets and email to manage your patient’s cases. With Kenzen.io’s patient treatment notes software, you have the ability to better understand your patients’ medical histories and build meaningful relationships needed to treat and care for them.


With Kenzen.io, your entire healthcare practice, including your patient notes and cases, is streamlined in a way that makes the most sense to you. Be more productive when you have automation by your side to do the heavy lifting for you. Feel relieved knowing all of your patient data is stored securely and is managed appropriately in one of the leading tools in the industry.

Organize your cases

Access your patient cases in one place

Quickly add new cases to your patient’s file. Customize your diagnoses list and add only the cases relevant to your practice area. Tag and add practitioners and other staff to cases, that way everyone is on the same page with diagnoses unique to each patient.

Patient cases
Patient notes software

Record your notes

Create multiple notes to keep tabs on all your patients

During triage, take notes regarding your patients’ injuries or illnesses. Kenzen.io’s user-friendly patient notes software empowers you to securely record and organize critical patient information to help you develop more accurate treatment plans.

Stay productive

Stay on top of everything that needs to be done

Kenzen.io organizes your “to do” list for every matter. Create and assign tasks to yourself or other practitioners and users. Gone are the days of using email to remind your team of upcoming or overdue tasks. With Kenzen.io, include reminders and due dates to ensure everyone is on the same page of goals and other matters.

Task management

Make your clinic more productive

Kenzen offers simple, monthly subscription pricing designed for all clinics.

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