Our story

Kenzen.io provides healthcare practitioners with the power to better manage their clinics, using a range of different tools and functionalities to allow healthcare practices to get back to what they do best. Designed to save time, expand the possibilities of billing and scheduling, and evolve business practices, Kenzen.io is the foundation for better healthcare in clinics across the world.


Developed to improve the way healthcare workers manage workflows, Kenzen.io has evolved over the years to encompass a range of healthcare tasks and requirements, making the jobs of administrators and medical professionals easier while ensuring patients continue to receive the highest standards of care and service.

Health by name, health by nature

Named after the Japanese word for health, Kenzen.io is a software solution that’s designed specifically to make the jobs of healthcare workers easier. Innovative tools and processes streamline existing workflows, making the medical billing process easier, patient scheduling more practical and invoice management easy to handle. Health is at the heart of what we do at Kenzen.io, and it’s at the heart of the software we create too.


Kenzen.io features

Make the exceptional every day

At Kenzen.io, we don’t believe in making heartless software that simply fits a purpose. Our goal is always to provide a solution that fits the people we work with, and the companies we work for, to a tee. That means engaging allied health software that’s innovative, practical, and enjoyable to use: no complicated manuals, long-winded training, or difficult workflows. 


Our ambition with Kenzen.io is to bring exceptional software into everyday environments. We enhance the healthcare process, with a patient-first approach that puts healthcare companies and practices on track for success. By bringing high-end technology to everyday health environments, we make everyone’s job easier – promoting a higher standard of work, and high-quality results in the process.

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